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Shop Dado Quartz Online

Shop DADOquartz® Online

Dado Lifetime Warranty

DADOquartz® is backed by two decades of skills and experience. We use a combination of handcraft and automation to create DADOquartz® from the finest natural components. DADOquartz® is so superior and solid that no topcoat is required to hide any imperfections – delivering a hygienic tub or bathroom basin that will never age. You can truly trust our lifetime warranty. We remain at the forefront of bathroomware trends, and our uniquely designed products can be used in classic or contemporary settings. Our in-house creation team can customise your project without compromising on turnaround time. DADOquartz® gives any bathroom a timeless edge

What is DADOquartz®

DADOquartz® is the most luxurious bathroomware material since 1998. It is created from quartz ore and Southern African earth miner- also. Quartz is a noble variety of silica, giving DADOquartz® its alluring characteristics of wellness and sustainability, as well as being eco-friendly

Dado Lifetime Warranty


DADOquartz bathtubs and basins are available in any colour of the rainbow.

Visit Bella Bathrooms, our recommended bathroom store to order a DADOquartz product with a colour of your choice or visit our website to choose from one of the standard colours


10 reasons why DADOquartz®

  1. Lifetime Warranty
  2. 100% Solid Throughout
  3. UV resistant - no discolouration
  4. Extreme Tolerance
  5. Excellent heat retention
  6. Non - porous
  7. Stain and scratch resistant
  8. Bacterial growth resistant
Dado Quartz lifetime warranty

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Bella Bathrooms is the largest stockist of Dado bathroom products. Whether you are looking for a counter top basin or a pillar basin we have all the dado bathroom basin designs in store. Visit our Dado bathroom store or shop online to view all the latest Dado soaking tubs. Our team of expert designers will help you select your Dado Bathroom products. Bella Bathrooms is the Dado showroom for you.

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