bubble-bath-with-petals-around-it The bathroom is the perfect place to enjoy a special romantic evening and celebrate your love this

Valentine’s Day.  As a place which allows you your own private time-out, it makes for an ideal opportunity to spoil yourself and the special person in your life.

Here are 10 essential tips to savour this Valentine’s Day with a romantic bathroom setting, brought to you by bathroom experts, Bella Bathrooms & Tiles:

  • We all know that red roses epitomise romance.  Why not use the rose petals in your bath, either by getting really creative by outlining a heart shape on top of your bubbles or else enjoying the beautiful colour and fragrance directly in your bath water.  Rose petals can also be placed in a trail around the bath, allowing the scent to gently fill your senses.
  • Lighting is a key ingredient to creating the perfect romantic ambience.  Here you have a choice to either use dimmers to create a diffuse light effect or to have feature lighting such as a beautiful chandelier.  Skylights also set the mood by simulating the experience of being under the stars.
  • Bubble bath is where you get down to the serious business of creating your romantic setting. 
  • Fill up your bathtub to just under a third of the bath. Make sure the water is a nice, comfortable, warm temperature.  Pour the bubble bath right where the water stream enters the bath water so that your bath becomes filled with bubbles.
  • bubble-bath-with-champagne-bottle Your choice of bath also adds to the moment.  For a romantic evening, it is ideal to have a bath that is large enough for two people.  Spa baths can also be used to provide a romantic edge.  Besides being a beautiful bathroom feature, you can enjoy their stress relieving therapy as you lie back and enjoy the benefits.
  • When it comes to romance, there is nothing quite like candlelight.  Set out your candles along a mirrored surface to double the soft candlelight effect.
  • Top it all off with storage for your wine or champagne and glasses
  • Purchase a headrest that fits the bath, giving you the opportunity to fully unwind.
  • Create a playlist with your favourite relaxing music.
  • Use a bath caddy that stretches across the bath to store decadent chocolates.
  • Round it off with 100% cotton fluffy towels, delightfully warmed up on a heated towel rail before stepping into plush bathrobes to prolong the mood and feeling of well-being.  

Follow these steps and you are bound to share a wonderful pampering experience, enjoying your time making memorable moments together this Valentine’s Day.