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The Luxury of texture in a classic style

Texture is use thematically in this classic styled bathroom. This is first achieved through the wooden tiled floors, with the wood texture continued by the darker wood of wall mounted vanity and storage cupboard . The smooth white surface of the counter and rectangular basin creating a striking contrast, together with the tiled shower floor and shower seat, enclosed by a beautiful glass shower door. A rain shower or hand shower in provides two showering choices, with a third choice of bathing provided by the oval stand alone bathtub, complete with its stand alone mixer set. Light is provided by the wide window together with recessed ceiling lights and sconce lights on embedded in the wide rectangular mirror of the bathroom vanity. The theme of texture culminates in the softly covered material of the ottoman, which both unifies the surrounding white bathware while creating an accentuating contrasting with the wooden floor and the vanity.

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Colour accents of a his and her bathroom

The mosaic flooring is beautifully matched by the shower wall and the shower walls in this classic themed bathroom, dominated by its his and her vanity and a matching detailed dressing table fixture. Sconce lights frame the mirrors of the vanity, with the same lighting fixture used for the dressing table, further unifying the bathware. The underslung rectangular basins maximise the workspace, finished by a 3 holed tap mixer which gives a modern edge to this classic theme. The bathroom has plenty of storage options for decorative items and bathroom toiletries. A soft, material covered chair completes the look as it adds further character to this bathroom.

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Eclectic Mix of Bathroom Tiles

The limestone tiling of the shower and of main bathroom create a natural brick-like effect offset by the marble of the bathroom vanity counter and the marble base of the shower, raised further to form a shower seat. A glass enclosure allows full view of the picturesque tiles of the shower while its transparency enables it to be part of the bathroom as a whole. The oval standalone bath perfectly compliments the colours of the marble and tiling. In turn the raised panelled wall provides an interesting backdrop to the bath, which together with the chandelier further highlights the bath as a significant bathroom feature. Sconce lights illuminate the bathroom vanity area, with its dark wooden framed mirror which accentuates the detailed bathroom vanity unit.

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Modern comforts of the classical style

This bathroom presents an interplay of modern and classic style elements. The clean lines of the rectangular freestanding bath and under slung rectangular basins create a modern style effect juxtaposed with the classic style created by the archway and the ornate chandelier. The modern style is continued in the clean linear lines of the wooden vanity without handles, topped with a white quartz counter. Mirrored walls accentuate the interplay of classic and modern styles through their reflection of the style elements and also provide the backdrop for the bath and surface for the curved waterfall bath spout with separate hot & cold levers embedded through the mirror. Mirrored side tables on each side of the bath highlight the bath as a centrepiece of the bathroom, finished off with a printed brown tile flooring which unites the bedroom and bathroom areas.

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Customized finishes create the perfect look and style you want

This contemporary Zen bathroom style uses tiling to introduce earth colours and a feeling of tranquillity. The floor finish uses concrete tile, continued in the concrete wall with its mosaic detail behind the customised freestanding bath in metallic finish with its water feature spout and artefacts, adding to the serenity of the style. A ceiling mounted shower head directly over the bath adds character to the area. The 3-tap-hole basin mixer uses customised copper taps, drawing out the colour of the bath. The interesting natural shape of the basin evokes images of nature which is continued in the wooden vanity top and wood and glass slider door to bathroom. Note: Bella Bathrooms & Tiles is able to customize the taps, baths and basins in different finishes to create the perfect look and feel that you want.

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Sensual synergy of ‘his and her’ bathroom

The cream and chocolate brown of the natural stone and mosaic detail, respectively, create a timeless classical style for a ‘his and her’ bathroom design in this collaboration between Bella Bathrooms & Tiles and R. Kaplan Interiors. The masculine-feminine interplay continues in the contours of the bathroom accessories and elements – from the elegant drop-in oval bath, encased in the contrasting sharper lines of the Travertine stone, echoed by the ladder heated towel rail, the bathroom cabinet and the recess in the bathroom shower wall, ideal for storage of bathroom toiletries. Flowing lines of the bathroom curtains, the rolled handtowels, ceramic vase and styled candles, further contribute to a synergistic effect of classical balance and harmony.

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Experience the beauty of nature

This Classic styled bathroom uses various elements to create a natural feel, from the travertine look of the floor finish for the main bathroom area to the pebble floor in shower which creates texture under one’s feet. Stone cladding and the chisel stone in the bath area further add to this effect, together with the water feature spout, creating the impression of a water stream. The use of wood in the window and door frames further contributes to the experience of nature. The bath is cladded in the natural stone of Maron Emprador marble and economically continues on a side of the shower, cleverly creating a bench. A floor to ceiling shower glass separates this area physically, while visually maintaining its design effect. The theme of nature is continued through the element of water found in the under slung round bath, which resembles a pool of water together with the rainfall shower rose and the pull-out hand shower set, practical for washing hair. This theme is continued in the skylight above bath, which creates an interesting effect of having a bathroom on the floor of a cave-like structure. The strip lighting further enhances this effect of light finding its way through an opening, setting the ambiance as a night light or a romantic bath setting.

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Nature vs nurture for new bathroom trends

This classic styled bathroom uses nature and natural light as a feature of the bathroom design through the positioning of its freestanding oval bath. The floor finish of 60x30 glazed porcelain white tiles with movement and grey inlay cleverly demarcates the bathroom spaces and emphasizes the lines of the floating vanity with its semi-recessed basins which mirror the shape of the bath. Taps provide a rounded finish with matching bottle traps and free-standing mixer while the delicately coloured cream matt vertical tiles of the bathroom wall enhances the overall effect of the area, using colour as a source of interest. The ceiling mounted shower head, visible as a feature from the entire bathroom shows off a new design trend of incorporating the bath and shower area as one space. Elements of the integrated mirror storage and the pull-out drawers use contrasting textures while providing the essential storage space for this bathroom design.

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Classic bathroom style elegance

Lines and lighting play a significant role in this bathroom design collaboration between R Kaplan Interiors and Bella Bathrooms & Tiles, producing a classic style of simplicity and understated elegance. The smooth matt tiles in a 600x600 format are juxtaposed with the uniquely roughened texture of the stucco walls. Bathroom décor strategically maximises the bathroom space, providing additional storage options with the bathroom vanity unit and exposed towels, while the under-slung basins enable more work space at the top. Bathroom accessories such as the shaving mirror with a light provide extra convenience, all topped off with the tap range designed by renowned Italian architect, Antonio Citterio.

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Classic elegance of a Roman themed bathroom

This classic bathroom style uses a marble look which can be achieved using natural stone or a more cost effective polished porcelain. This is complimented by the cream painted walls, with the back wall in white accentuating the Roman style bath and its freestanding mixer with beautiful handle detail. ‘His and her’ vanities with under counter basins, create more counter space, completed by a 3-tap-hole mixer presenting an overall symmetrical effect which contributes to the elegance and harmony of the classic bathroom style. The detail in the cabinetry incorporates a dressing table and ample storage, while wood frames the whole vanity unit, together with a panel type detail, making it a stately feature in this bathroom. An indoor plant in the bathroom area adds a touch of nature, as do the ‘his and her’ windows behind the bath. The look and feel of elegance and luxury is continued by the ottoman and candle looking lights which complete this Roman look.

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